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[15752] lexy roxx vr-porn [北海道] 2017/01/18(Wed) 06:14
Statt des versprochenen Escort Girls kommt dann eine osteuropaische Prostituierte oder eine Sudamerikanerin die weder deutsch noch englisch spricht.

[15751] samurai sword blade [北海道] 2017/01/18(Wed) 05:59
Double Sweet!!!!!! Beautiful red and black blade highlights the folding laminations, solid construction. Hay bales yield smoothly. Details nice. I got it for the symbolism of the green and fish, and the red blade details -- Archangel St Raphael, the Source of Divine Healing (Green and fish) and Archangel St Euriel, the Source of Divine Wisdom (Red). Later, I might ask Ryan to have matching Wakizashi and Tanto made for me. I'll bet that the Archangel Raphael, the Source of Divine Healing, uses the sword to metaphorically cut out illness.

[15750] short Sword [北海道] 2017/01/18(Wed) 05:59
best sword and deal I ever got

[15749] Nodachi swords [北海道] 2017/01/18(Wed) 05:48
this was received in excellent condition and in the time expected

[15748] Chinese Sword [北海道] 2017/01/18(Wed) 05:48
Beautiful sword! Very well made. Love it!

[15747] Branden [甲信越] 2017/01/18(Wed) 05:39
Nicely spoken truly. .

[15746] Toney [外国] 2017/01/18(Wed) 05:37
This is nicely said. !

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