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Re / ブルガリ ジャスミン  ...01/18(Wed) 06:07  [No.3040627]
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Re / frauen hintergrund  ...01/18(Wed) 01:16  [No.3040612]
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Re / Naginata Sword  ...01/18(Wed) 05:18  [No.3040619]  <HP>
Great sword. Could have been a bit sharper but great mechanics of how both blades were in one case.

Re / jananese katana sword  ...01/18(Wed) 05:18  [No.3040620]  <HP>
With this item being used-in good condition, I expected to see some evidence of use but this Katana came to me in like-new condition. I received more than what I expected and I am very satisfied. *What would be really useful, for shopping, would be to have a link to specifically select "warehouse deals" to be able to browse everything that is available in the warehouse deals department.

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Chapter VIII

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Ni monkeys: "If about four young master have to not ever mi

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