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[293] Alanna [四国] 2016/10/24(Mon) 05:13
The case has additional safety on the corners, as well as pop-out built-in plugs to protect the phone's ports in opposition to due and particles.

[292] calinoana17 [北海道] 2016/10/24(Mon) 05:12
г“ that's the place. Not sure exactly what the access agreement is but the security guys seem happy for you to be there. Hope you found that interesting, if not apologies for such a long post!
I'm converted! No - it's the middle wave at Mile End Mill....fantastic place to play, although apparently some people have had nasty bumps when they get flipped (never happened to me.....yet : ) Can be a bit sticky but nothing serious, just keep ya cool!
г So I guess my question is - Geographically, where are the most paddlers? Will.
See ya, I got mine last summer after I parted company with my Method Air in the Alps.
Take my advice, buy a boat that does all the moves with or without you! My old Acrobat used to pull 360s and cartwheels all the time with me swimming alongside shouting encouragement. Then I moved up to a H2Zone and I frequently get to stay in the boat while it plays on its own. The important thing to remember about being crap at playboating is that when you pull the odd cartwheel while getting trashed look as though you meant it to happen!
Doubt you'll see this now Jez, but mebbe I'll run into you in the morning. ж‡
roo lower dart, angled on one side and stepped on the other. Can be shot either

"Personally, I learnt to paddle on grade 2 water - a place in Australia with a play wave, and two big eddies either side. I was taught to ferry-glide and roll, and then left to it !" Thanks for the info. There is a possibility that Jools may be able to get there (on foot) tomorrow. Can you remember which bank they got caught on?

[291] trlrkmit [北海道] 2016/10/24(Mon) 05:12
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[287] xunjie [北海道] 2016/10/24(Mon) 05:11

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