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[1757] batista_bomb [北海道] 2016/09/27(Tue) 19:25
г It doesn't appear to be giving live footage (I know for a fact that the sun has gone down in Dorset), anyone know how/ when it works? PS Spell checker works - seems I'm chaos !!!
Cheers Quote:"UK paddlesport newsgroup, UK.REC.BOATS.PADDLE ...I recommend a visit! "
г Rob
Level's dropped a lot - 4'5" on the gauge and probably still falling. That equates to 'just above the corner of the slab', a great level for most of the play spots, and in many ways just as worthwhile as the bigger days we've had recently. "Lower Tavy at this level = a big bouncy 'float', some excellent surging waves, no real tree-dodging etc. just a few holes you wouldn't want to know."
Worthwhile intentions no doubt, but it just doesn't seem practical to me (if I've understood it right). I'll look up what they say on club child protection policies (anybody already have one in place??), see if this is more practical.
drop me a line if you want a go in it at notts, treweren, teeside etc Chris е
Wanted... Creek boat

I didn't know you'd got back into paddling....well done that man :rollin Marc's taken a lot of flack from the Thames Weir crowd over on TWP for the amusing title! In fact, even in the Dart Country Park bar last weekend, he looked a bit like a hunted animal...he's fled abroad tonight to hide from all the stick (skiing is his lame excuse), but his article is published here on the site now for those who want to see what he had to say in full....

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