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It is nice to see that you acknowledge that it does in fact NOT simulate altitude training (users need to use bucketfuls of faith to actually believe something so illogical).But I am skeptical to it having any beneficial effects at all. You believe in it and have good experiences using it. I am skeptical and may not like it at all if I try it. Placebo and nocebo effect can be at play. My experience really is meaningless, what matters is if it works or not and it does not make much sense from a physical standpoint. I don't see why strengthening lung muscles should help your cardio, when my body is bursting with lactic acid being able to continue to huff and puff is not any of my problems.If you use it a lot I guess it could change your breathing pattern, that seems possible... What I do know though is that it is being aggressively marketed as a substitute for altitude training which is a bad case of false advertising.

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