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chclub Board
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[810] D3AgLe [北海道] 2016/09/27(Tue) 17:40
д‘ Still pissed Mick? :b
I too have had problems with the assessor ladder,I had all but given up after getting A1* a few years ago, but I had a nice friendly and informative discussion with the bods at BCU coaching last week, things are looking up now, and we're back on track. :-)
г The entrance to the gorge went well, though the long rapid was humongous. I dropped low on the lead in so I didn't have enough speed or distance to avoid the second hole. After rolling I dropped into another hole and after rolling, again, I was at the bottom. The group had 3 rolls, 1 swim and 1 clean run (by an ex-Prem slalomist mind) between the four of us; maybe I'll inspect first next time! :-) Really Mark?
It made walking around in the rain all week worthwhile... :-) There are some great rapids in there and at the level we had a lot of fun! I've been wanting to run that section for years! There was light rain all day Sunday and I expect that local levels are working their way back up again. The conwy hadn't risen significantly whilst we were on it.
>:'s the early hours of the morning, I went to bed at 3 am and I haven't really slept. Interesting countries, but fairly poor paddling locations really unles you want scenic flat water touring...I've done a little touring type boating near the Tatras. г

I've got an Inazone 232, wanted it for the same reason.

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