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г hf For the ICT illiterate how do you go about providing a profile Carol?
д г Going by the last few weekends me and mates have had and the fact that it is now raining again in South Wales I reckon a few boats could be lost again this weekend. At least so far we have managed to find all of our boats again although still down a set of paddles.
Mick Igot thourouhly pissed off with the scheme and if it was not for the job requirements I would have shoved it somwhere dark. >:
On reflection, thats my problem - I must learn to OPEN my eyes once I'm back the right way up!!! её и‡
I REALLY hate 'emoticons'. So I am insisting that nobody use them any longer from this point.

Barriers : Well reef not and double fishermand for abseiling is old hat these days( but perfectly acceptable!), we now teach either a figure of eight or overhand (both ropes as one) with long tails, just as suitable cos the loads on the rope are not great, and easy to untie,(that would not apply when having towed a car out though, then I would go for the reef knot with fishermans, bowline or sheetbend all just as good) the reason for fig of 8 or overhand is that once loaded offers a lower and smoother profile and the theory being is less likely to catch and its dead easy to tie when gripped, cold or in a hurry.

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